ScopeDog mk2 Hand Box

IMG 0834

The hand box connects to the main ScopeDog control box via a standard USB cable.

A light touch joystick gives precise motor control. Moving the stick on the diagonal engages both axis drives.

A button on the joystick lever cycles through the three speeds. The two LEDs indicate what speed is selected.

The toggle switch engages a spiral search pattern. During ‘GoTo’s this switch performs an emergency stop.

Hand Box schematic

Parts list

1x Hammond 1553 Black ABS Handheld Enclosure (or similar)
1x Phidget HUB0000 or HUB0001_0
1x Phidget 1113_0 joystick
2x Phidget 3003_0 10cm cables
2x 3mm red LEDs
2x 1k resistors 
(brightness can be further dimmed via software)
1x SPDT toggle switch
assorted small screws and nuts.

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