It is vital that amateur astronomers share their skills and experiences. Some of the world’s oldest societies and journals were established to do just this.

This website is my attempt to share some of what I know, and to encourage others to join in. It's mostly about making equipment, which reflects one of the ways I personally get so much satisfaction from astronomy. Visual observing is the end goal though - seeing photons from something billions of light years away land on my retinas.

Happy browsing, but here are some words of (my) wisdom to the novice astronomer!

  • Join an astronomical society and get involved. Meet other astronomers of all abilities and start sharing.
  • Read one of the popular astronomy magazines each month. It will tell you whats going on and what to look for.
  • Go to a starparty! Most astro magazines will advertise ones near you.
  • If you are a novice find someone who can advise you before you go out spending money on equipment.

Some of my more recent projects -

Building an ultralight/compact Dobsonian for my 18” observatory mirror set so I can take it to UK Star Parties. Very much “work in progress”! Details here.

Restoring a 6” telescope made by the Rev. William F A Ellison in 1912 and featured in his seminal book, “The Amateur’s Telescope” , published in 1920.

Measuring telescope resolution at the 2013 Texas Star Party

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