A few years ago, I finished the construction of an equatorial fork mounted 18" Newtonian telescope and a 3.2 metre dome observatory. The dome itself was made from scratch using fibreglass. A little later I added automatic drives to the dome. I hope this site helps to inspire others to have a go at designing and building their own facilities. 

The whole project, telescope & observatory took about a year to complete, and I am really pleased with the way they have turned out. Please feel free to send me comments and questions. 

Camberley is situated in NW Surrey, about 25 miles SW of London in the UK. Light pollution is bad but the whole observatory was built to perhaps be dismantled and moved to a dark site sometime in the future.

We are currently (2013/2014) going through a period when our street lighting is being upgraded. The new lights are full cut-off (they only shine down), and most are turned off at 1am. I’ve noticed the light pollution is getting a little better.

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