3D Printer Arrives

I finished my last blog with a comment that I might consider getting a 3D printer. Consider I did and gave myself a Christmas present!

After some research I went for a QIDI X-MAX3. It has good reviews and is near the top end of home machines (Qidi describe it as commercial even).  Cheaper machines are OK printing with PLA but this isn’t very durable outside. The X-MAX3 is capable of printing almost any material it seems. Its also big, with a printing volume of over 300mm cubed. 

IMG 6014

Now I have to learn how to use it (The manual isnt very detailed) and learn to design in 3D. First efforts are OK. The eFinder display box I described in my last blog cost £18 and 4 hours to modify. Now I have designed a printed version, each copy costs about a £1 and requires none of my own time.

IMG 6024
IMG 6023
IMG 6029


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